Grabbit Reacher Tools

Grabbit Reacher Tools

Extends your reach by over 75cm which is ideal for people who experience discomfort bending down to retrieve items or reaching items at height

  • Each Grabbit has a comfort moulded squeeze lever that activates the jaw grips.
  • The jaw grips have rubber tips that help prevent the retrieved item from slipping.
  • The jaws are spring loaded and remain open until the lever is activated.
  • RGM,RGB Models have swivel heads that can be rotated 180″
  • RGM models are fitted with magnets on the tip.

NEW for 2019 - Reacher RGM32

Excellent aid to extend user’s reach – 750mm
Rotatable head (0 – 90°)
Minimal finger strength required to operate jaws
Comfortable ergonomic soft rubber grip on handle
Large multi finger trigger
Rubber grip on jaws
Lightweight – Aluminium arm / plastic parts

(All dimensions shown are nominal)
Overall Dimensions
820mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 110mm (H)
Jaw Width:
75mm (between fingers)
Jaw Depth:
Product Weight:
Maximum Load Weight: