SpaceSaver Toilet Furniture

SapceSaver Riser Frames


  • Durable construction
  • Exclusive Patented Design
  • Changeable Handle options
  • Space efficient and Durable

Toilet Seat Riser Frames

Toilet Seat Riser Frames


  • Pearl White
  • Adjustable height 
  • Most Includes toilet seat, Lid cover, and bed pan.
  • Can be used over a toilet or as a stand alone unit.

Portable Toilet Seat Risers

Toilet Seat Riser


  • Pearl White
  • Available in several heights to accommodate different brands of toilet pedestal.
  • 180kg weight capacity
  • Includes toilet seat, Lid cover, and bed pan
  • Easily removed and installed.
Product Codes:

RG510-1 – 75mm
RG510-2 -100mm
RG510-3 – 125mm
RG510-4 – 150mm